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SPINALONGA DAILY CRUISE (6-hour excursion)

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We sail form Agios Nikolaos at approximately 10:30 am. We explore every bit of the Gulf of Kolokytha. On the way, we stop at beautiful beaches for a refreshing morning swim in the sea, at midday we pay a visit to the island of Spinalonga (sightseeing around the island). We then go for a swim at the unique pebbled beach of the picturesque village of Plaka. At 14:00, we rest and have lunch at the Elounda bay area. We dive into the crystal clear waters. We rest on the golden beach. We enjoy the sun and the immensity of the Aegean Sea while we explore the seabed as we approach the old lighthouse at the edge of the island of Crete before we return to Agios Nikolaos at around 16:30 pm.

What you will discover here:

The island of Spinalonga. The first signs of settlement date back to Minoan times. In 1579 during the Venetian occupation of Crete, the Venetians built a fortress on the island to guard the bay of Mirabello. In 1715 the Turks, who occupied Crete for almost 200 years took over the fortress. Between 1900 and 1957, it served as a leper colony. At present, the island is an open-air museum.

The sunken city of OLOUS. Olous is an ancient submerged city within the bay of Elounda. This intriguing site can be reached by snorkelling or diving from the narrow strip of land that links the mainland (Elounda) to the Kolokytha peninsula, accessible only from the south. A huge earthquake probably sealed the city’s fate around 780 AD. Some floor mosaic and ruins of walls are still visible on the mainland, on the narrow isthmus between Elounda and Kolokytha.

The Venetian salt pans. The raids by the Arab pirates of the Mediterranean Sea depopulated the ancient city of Olous, and therefore the broader area, in mid-7th century. Olous remained uninhabited until the mid-15th century when the Venetians began creating the salt pans in the gulf’s shallow and salty waters. Subsequently, the region acquired commercial value and its population grew. This fact, and the emerging Turkish threat, particularly after the Fall of Constantinople in 1453, and the constant pirate raids, forced the Venetians to fortify the island of Spinalonga.

The village of Plaka is a small picturesque village located about 16 km north of Agios Nikolaos and 5 km north from the sophisticated resort of Elounda. It is an old fishing village with a few taverns located by the shore and various kinds of accommodation. Plaka features lush green surroundings while retaining its natural beauty. There is a beautiful square where all the locals and tourists gather during the day.

The village of Elounda. With its extraordinary natural beauty, world famous guests and classy hotels, Elounda is the favourite destination for presidents, sheiks, royalty and celebrities. One of the most beautiful areas in Crete and home to numerous luxury resorts, with private beaches, marinas and high-quality services. The surroundings are just as impressive. The taverns serve delicious food.

Hidden Caves. This extraordinary trip is full of surprises. While sailing by picturesque beaches, secluded rocky coves and hidden caves you may come across beautiful dolphins, rare turtles and various types of birds.

What is included? Professional Skipper and Hostess, Autopilot, Chart plotter, GPS, TV/DVD, Air conditioning, Generator, Wi-Fi, Cleaning, Fuel, Passenger and Yacht insurance, Refreshments and Fruits, Champagne, Food & wine (proposal 1)*, snorkelling and fishing equipment, Inflatable toys for children and others suitable for adolescents. All passengers will be provided with a beach towel (VAT 24%).

About Elounda VIP Cruises

Elounda VIP Cruises has been established in order to offer high quality private maritime services. Our starting point is the harbour of Ag. Nikolaos and various hotel jetties located in the broader area of the Gulf of Mirabello (Agios Nikolaos, Elounda, Plaka)

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