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Mochlos Daily Cruise

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Wherever you want to sail in the Mirabello gulf, we’ll get you there. This beautifully sheltered gulf is
the home of a unique eco system, breathtaking scenery, multi awarded beaches and famous luxurious
hotels. It’s the most exciting place in Crete.  Join us all the way to the picturesque fishing village of
Mochlos and enjoy delicious food and local recipes, right on the seafront.
However the excursions are unique and not ridden groups on board.

Start in Agios Nikolas at approx 10:30am. We explore every bit of the Eastern Crete Riviera. On the
way we stop at beautiful places for a fresh morning swim in the sea, about 12 o'clock a visit
to Pseira Island, (sightseeing around the island). We then swim to the unique pebbled seashore of the
Island.  At 14 o'clock rest and lunch in the picturesque village of Mochlos area. We dive into the
crystal clear water and be back around 17:30 pm

What you’ll discover here:

Pseira Island
Pseira is a small uninhabited island and a stone's throw away from another Minoan centre at
Mochlos. The small Minoan town on the island of Pseira was first excavated in the first decade of the
20th century. The town began life as a small settlement as early as the Final Neolithic period and
continued to grow throughout the Minoan period, reaching its highpoint during the Late Minoan IB
period when the Minoan palaces were also at their height.  

Exploring Voulisma bay &   Swimming at Voulisma beach
A beach in Crete with a Caribbean flavour. White fine sand with exotic colour. The white sand gives
the water a turquoise colour that will remind you of tropical destinations. To the west of the main
beach called Voulismeni, Voulisma is awarded with a ‘Blue Flag’ and the sea is usually calm and

Mochlos Island & Village
Mochlos is a small picturesque fishing village located In the gulf of Mirabello in Eastern Crete, and the
archaeological site of an ancient Minoan settlement. There is evidence that Mochlos was not an
island in Minoan times, but was attached to the mainland and acted as an eastern harbor. The name
Mochlos also applies to the small picturesque fishing village and resort located on the main island of
Crete, opposite Mochlos island. Only 150 metres separates them. It’s ideal for a quiet get away, no
noise, no pollution, and you can eat at maybe some of the best tavernas in Crete whilst looking over
to the Minoan site.

Sailing along East Crete riviera
This extraordinary trip is full of surprises. While sailing by scenic coasts, secluded rocky coves and
hidden caves you may come across beautiful dolphins, rare turtles and various types of birds.

What’s included?
· Professional Skipper and Hostess
· Champagne, Refreshments and Fruit
· Autopilot, Chart plotter, GPS, TV/DVD
· Air conditioning, Generator, Wi-Fi
· Meal Menu
· Drinking water, refreshments
· Snorkeling and fishing equipment
· Passenger and Yacht insurance
· cleaning, Fuel
· 24%VAT

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