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Daily cruise to the Kolokytha Island, a visit to Spinalonga and the picturesque village of Plaka.

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We enjoy the sun and the sea. We explore every bit of the Kolokytha's gulfs; we dive into the crystal
clear water. We rest in the golden beach. We visit Spinalonga island. We then swim to the unique
pebbled seashore of the picturesque village of Plaka. We take pleasure diving from the boat into the
crystal water around the island. We enjoy exploring the seabed  along with our friends, enjoying the
Cretan hospitality (with raki and Cretan meze).
This extraordinary trip is full of surprises. While sailing by scenic coasts, secluded rocky coves and
hidden caves you may come across beautiful dolphins, rare turtles and various types of birds.
What you’ll discover here:
- Elounda village
Elounda village located 12 km north of Agios Nikolaos town. Is an extraordinary natural beauty, with
private beaches, marinas. One of the most beautiful areas in Crete. Destination for presidents, sheiks,
royalty and celebrities. A series of luxury resorts, and elegant hotels with high standards of service.
Close to Elounda there is an islet called Kolokytha. On the opposite side of the islet there is a
wonderful beach, “Kolokythas“, as it is called. Υou will find one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete.
It is a secluded beach with white sand and crystal clear waters, next to old olive groves
- Plaka village  
Opposite the famous island of Spinalonga is Plaka, a small fishing village 16 km from Agios Nikolaos
and 5 km from Elounda. In front of the settlement you will find a sheltered by the winds beach with
white pebbles, crystal clear waters and many shady trees, ideal for swimming and fishing. The beach
is organized and in it, besides umbrellas, sun loungers and showers, you will have many opportunities
for water sports.
- Spinalonga Island                                                                             
Spinalonga is a small island that closes from the northern end of the Elounda bay to the Prefecture of
Merabellos in the prefecture of Lassithi, Crete. It was fortified by the Venetians, both from a
structural, architectural and aesthetic point of view of the whole landscape, which still preserves its
During the Venetian occupation of Crete the Venetians built a fortress on the island to guard the bay
of Mirabello. Today the island is an open-air museum
- The sunken of OLOUS city 
Olous or Olounda was a city of ancient Crete, which was close to today's Elounda in the Prefecture of
Lasithi, on the west coast of Mirabello Bay and in the Spinalonga isthmus. It has been known since the
Minoan years, and is one of the most important cities of ancient Crete. Olus is an ancient ruin of a
town located under the water in the bay of Elounda. This intriguing site can be reached by snorkeling
or diving from the narrow strip of land that joins the mainland and Kolokytha peninsula.

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